Nailed To Metal - The Complete History

Release Details
Release year: 2003
Record Label: AFM Records
Releasedate: Aug 25, 2003
Art. No.: DVD: AFM 070-8
DVD + CD: AFM 070-7
Additional Information: 2 mistakes are on the cover artwork:
- Heart Of Gold – was Hitstudio 1990
- Go Back To Hell – was live in Hannover 1988

Raiders Of Beyond
Midnight Mover
Independence Day
Metal Eater
Winter Dreams
Shout It Out
Cut Me Out
I´m A Rebel

They Want War
Break The Rules
Heart Of Gold – Video Clip
Heart Of Gold – Making Off
Heart Of Gold – Hitstudio 1989
Timebomb – Electronic Presskit
Independence Day
Still (Together With ARIA)
Go Back To Hell – Live Bochum 1988
Drumsolo – Russia 2001

X-T-C (taken from the album “A Tribute To Accept”)
The Key (Bonus Track of the album “No Limits” released in Japan Only)
Mad Dogs And Loaded Guns (Demo Version for the album “Solid”)
Warchild (Demo Version for the album “Solid”)
Rated X (Demo Version for the album “No Limits”)
Tough Luck (Demo Version for the album “No Limits”)
Recall The Sin (Demo Version for the album “Holy”)

01 - 09: Live performances
10 - 19: Video clips
20 - 26: Bonus audio tracks