Live From Russia

Release Details
Release year: 2001
Record Label: Breaker Records
Releasedate: Oct 15, 2001
Art. No.: CD: SPV DCD 089-5742 2

CD 1
Raiders Of Beyond
Midnight Mover
Independence Day
Metal Eater
Protectors Of Terror
Animal House
Turn Me On
Drum solo
T.V. War
No Limits
Run If You Can
Winter Dreams
In the Darkness

CD 2
Like A Loaded Gun
Recall The Sin
Break The Rules
Midnight Highway
Heaven Is Hell
Monster Man
Living On A Frontline
Heart Of Gold
Shout It Out
Cut Me Out
I'm A Rebel
They Want War


Udo Dirkschneider (vocals)
Stefan Kaufmann (guitar)
Igor Gianola (guitar)
Fitty Wienhold (bass)
Lorenzo Milani (drums)